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Donovan Donati, a Wendigo/Lamprey Chimera, could make his entire eye glow bright white like the former species, and they also would unconsciously turn completely silver to reflect the Modified Mercury that he was injected with, a trait that Hayden manifested as well after she received an overdose of the mercury. Lucas, a Werewolf/Scorpion Chimera, could shift his eyes so that they were entire sclera, iris, and pupil turned pure black, and Josh Diaz's irises glowed the exact same shade of purple as his claws and the electromagnetic energy he produced. Belasko, a Werewolf/Garuda hybrid, had the blue eyes of a Beta or Omega Werewolf who had taken an innocent human life, but the color of his eyes would change to reflect the power he stole from other creatures; for example, when Belasko attempted to use his talons to steal the Hellhound Jordan Parrish's powers, his glowing blue irises briefly turned the same reddish-orange flame-like color as Parrish's own eyes. Finally, Mason Hewitt, prior to transforming into Sebastien Valet, had eyes that glowed pure blue to reflect the number of innocent humans that the Beast of Gevaudan had killed.

blue teen

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While Belasko's eyes glowed the blue that signified that he had taken an innocent life, Theo and Tracy's did not, despite the fact they had both killed innocent humans. This indicates that, unless Belasko's eyes were indicators of his Garuda side, a Chimera's eyes do not change from golden to blue when they take an innocent life, possibly a side effect of them being pseudo-supernatural creatures and not truly supernatural.

A full-blooded Kanima, such as Jackson Whittemore, can transform their eyes to look like that of the reptiles they take after, which include whitish-pink sclera of their eyes with slit black pupils like a snake, along with what appeared to be vertical eyelids that appear only when their eyes are in Kanima form. Since Jackson was under the control of two different masters (first Matt Daehler, and then Gerard Argent) while he was a Kanima, his ability to shapeshift his eyes and body was dependent on their will; the only times he transformed his eyes were when he was compelled by a master to shift in order to attack, paralyze, and/or kill someone. Even after Jackson was transformed into the Werewolf he was intended to be and gained the glowing blue irises of a Beta-level Werewolf who has taken human lives, he still retained a few Kanima traits, including the power to make his eyes change back into his former reptilian Kanima appearance, though he admitted that it took concentration to make this change.

The Löwenmensch, a shapeshifting wolf/lion hybrid, seems to possess the same supernatural eyes as their Werewolf cousins, with gold or blue glowing eyes for the Betas and Omegas and red glowing eyes for their Alphas. The only known Löwenmensch, Garrett Douglas, had glowing crimson eyes that reflected his status as an Alpha; this was first shown when Douglas flashed his glowing red eyes to trigger his accelerated healing power in order to recover from the damage caused to his body after spending nearly seventy years submerged in the Dread Doctors' tank of green serum, and was seen again when his eyes flashed after eating a human's pineal gland to augment his healing and other powers even further.

Werecoyotes possess the same colored eyes as their Werewolf cousins, with Betas possessing gold or blue eyes depending on if they have taken innocent human lives. Three Werecoyotes have been introduced in the series: Malia Tate, whose supernatural eyes were blue because she accidentally killed her human adoptive mother and sister on her first transformation during a full moon when she was nine years old; Corinne, who had blue supernatural eyes because she has taken countless human lives as a professional assassin; and Edgar, a golden-eyed Werecoyote high schooler whose entire family were also Werecoyotes. It is unknown if a Werecoyote can attain Alpha status and the red eyes that accompany it, as they have yet to be shown to do so on the series, but it seems likely that they can.

Werewolves, like Löwenmenschen and Werecoyotes, have glowing irises that vary in color based on their rank and status; Betas and Omegas will have gold eyes if they have never taken an innocent human life and will have blue eyes if they have taken innocent human life. If a Beta or Omega kills an Alpha (or, on exceedingly rare conditions, if a Beta or Omega ascends to the rank of True Alpha through their own indomitable strength of will), their eye color will change from gold or blue to a bright crimson red; conversely, if an Alpha loses their powers for whatever reason, their eyes will return to the color that they were prior to their ascension.

For example, Derek Hale is a Werewolf who has managed to possess every color of Werewolf eyes throughout his life: upon reaching supernatural puberty, he had the golden eyes of a Beta, which turned blue after he was forced to mercy-kill the dying Paige Krasikeva; after he killed his uncle Peter Hale and stole his Alpha powers, his eyes turned red; when he sacrificed his Alpha spark to heal his sister Cora Hale of her mistletoe poisoning, his eyes once again returned to blue; when he was in the process of becoming an Evolved Werewolf, Derek's eyes briefly turned gold again until he temporarily lost his powers, including the ability to change his eye's appearance, until finally, he completed this evolution and regained his glowing blue eyes when he fully-shifted into the body of a wolf. During his final moments of life before being incinerated and destroyed by Jordan Parrish, his sacrifice for his loved ones turned his eyes red, allowing him to become a True Alpha just like Scott.

It appears that a Werewolf's supernatural eyes can also reflect if their owner has been corrupted, as the Augmented Alphas Kali and Ennis (who had killed all of their Betas and stolen their power) had eyes that were blood red but did not glow; instead, they remained a dull shade with the limbal ring and sclera of their eyes turning black. When Scott briefly shifted into his more monstrous and bestial form when he was viciously fighting a Deadpool assassin and Hunter, his eyes, too, turned black around the iris until his shifted back into his normal Werewolf form. In an extremely rare case, Jackson Whittemore, who was given the Bite by then-Alpha Werewolf Derek Hale and was unexpectedly turned into a Kanima due to his unresolved identity issues, was ultimately killed and subsequently reborn as the Werewolf he intended to become; afterward, he gained the blue glowing eyes of a Beta Werewolf who had taken innocent human life, but also retained the ability to shift his eyes back into their previous Kanima appearance, though doing requires a significant amount of effort on his part.

Robin's blue emoticlone represents his very crazy, maniac side. He has no control as well as he acts like an animal. This is clear to see from his insane laughter and erratic movements. Blue Robin moves spontaneously and is very unpredictable.

DC's introduction of Jaime Reyes in 2006 retconned and expanded upon the Blue Beetle mythos. Revealed to be alien in origin, the scarab bonds with Reyes and provides him with a suit of extraterrestrial armor shortly after Kord's death. Though only a teenager, Reyes quickly forms a working relationship with Kord's former teammate and best friend Booster Gold and is inducted into the Teen Titans and the Justice League.

In a Countdown to Final Crisis tie-in, Jaime assists Traci Thirteen (former) in foiling Eclipso's attempt to kidnap a baby with great magical potential and use it as a new, uncorrupted host. In the aftermath, Jaime and Traci kiss, hinting at a relationship starting.

Jaime takes the fight to the Reach, using the time-warping qualities of the Bleed to attack three of their machines at once. When this fails, Jaime attacks the Reach's flagship, but the Reach use their weapons to attack his home. Jaime's emotional outburst at this attack allows the Reach to shut down the scarab and remove it from Jaime, who is thrown into a holding cell while the scarab is taken for examination, but the scarab transfers its knowledge into Jaime before removal, allowing the young hero to break free. Meanwhile, Jaime's family, having escaped the attack, are protected from further Reach assault by Peacemaker, the Posse, Traci Thirteen, La Dama and later Guy Gardner, Fire and Ice. Attacking several guards and taking their armor, Jaime heads for the engine, forcing the Reach to shut it down which reveals their ship. Once captured and brought to the bridge, Jaime shouts "Khaji Da!".[13] He then reveals that, during the time spent with him, the scarab has gained a personality of its own and fully detached itself from the Reach hive-mind. Claiming Khaji Da (the combined utterance of Khaji, the codeword for Infiltrator and Da, its own serial number) as its name, the scarab sides with Reyes against the Reach. As the battle continues the Reach Negotiator unleashes a doomsday device on Earth in retaliation for his defeat. Jaime and the scarab agree to sacrifice themselves to stop the superweapon. At the last moment, Booster Gold appears and saves them both. The bond with the scarab stronger than ever, Jaime wonders if other scarabs will gain a personality due to Khaji Da talking to them about individuality.[14]

Jaime comes face to face with the Spectre, along with Luis, the man who had been responsible for crippling Jaime's father. After a visit from his quasi-girlfriend Traci Thirteen (former), Jaime realizes that he cannot stop the Spectre from executing the inmates. Jaime is forced to forgive Luis and reason with the Spectre. Partially successful, the Spectre warns Jaime that if he ever lets the scarab kill, the Spectre will come for him.

The Blue Beetle scarab is grafted onto Jaime Reyes's spine and can manifest a number of powers of its own volition, an act usually accompanied by blue energy emitted by the scarab's "antennae." Over the course of the first year of his ongoing series, Jaime had little, if any, control over those powers, but slowly asserts himself. When Jaime is in danger, the scarab activates, crawling out on to Jaime's back and generating a high-tech suit of powered armor around his body. The armor is resilient enough that it can protect him against re-entry from Earth's orbit. When the danger passes, the scarab deactivates, dissolving the costume and retracting back onto Jaime's spine, causing intense pain.[45] 041b061a72


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