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Bad Memories Download PC Game

This game is a story rich (adult) Visual Novel in which you either play as a hetero man or a lesbian woman who needs to get to grips with his or her past. Your decisions will influence the later parts of the game and can also change a few early scenes.

Bad Memories Download PC Game


Years ago you left your hometown after some bad events happened and you swore to never come back. As time goes by you manage to build a normal, even successful life and all the bad memories start to faint.

A warning: Following the story, you'll be confronted with bad memories, there aren't many, but a few of them are heavy. They are essential for the story, but might be too heavy for some people, so I decided against visualizing them, and make them text only.

If the game won't run, open the internal executable:show package content on app - contents - macOS - open badmemories executable fileorOpen the terminal.Paste (with a space at the end):xattr -dr the app onto the terminal, so you get something like xattr -dr /Users//Games/BadMemories/

Run that command. The app should now open properly every time without needing to locate and run the internal executable.Please note that I don't have a mac myself, all of the above is gathered from comments of other people who played the game on mac.

Between the convoluted way the game got the MC to end up in his old room, and the lack of updates, I just refunded the game on Steam. So much easier to have the apartment available for the MC, only for him to find Rachel is his landlord and lives with his Sister down the hall! Would have been quicker to program and been much more immersive than the "all around the houses" to get you in your own room that is currently the case!

Hey Rec! Just want to let you know that I love this game man! I'm from Brazil and I admire your work. It's in my top 5. Look I've played like those most famous games of the gender, up to date and the majority cannot be compared to your game, it's unreal if compared to other games that have like a team of people and still cannot reach your level. Its clear the effort you have put on this game. But what makes it funny is the fact that you are a only man team developer! Y're the goat! Keep working on it and thanks once again buddy.

Hello, OK, I admit that I haven't yet played your game, but, after reading the comments I am adverse to at the moment. The thing that is putting me off is more updates. I am really looking for Yuri's that are finished. With all things going on with my life, by the time the updates come out I have forgotten the rest of the story. Like buying half a book. So, yes I am definitely interested in getting this, but ONLY when it is totally finished. I do love me a great Yuri.

OK I'm fairly new to AVNs but I gotta say I enjoyed it so far to an extent. The only thing off-putting was the story arc with "Katie". The progression seemed way to forced in the early part and almost made me quit the game. The animation and all were excellent though. Look forward to future updates that and well definitely be sending (more than) a few bucks your way once this is completed.

new to this arnt you? if you don't like this then I would avoid many others with the tags like this one. not all are like this one but there are many. I could even recommend something with less kinks if you like. but please keep the shaming out of the comment section. you will find few friends in the erotic game community in general if you don't.

Hi! I have been really enjoying your game. I am a new Game Developer, and I was curious which modeling program did you use? I have been trying to find one and I have tested a few out, so I wanted to know which one you used. It's okay if you don't want to say, I am generally curious that's all.

Hey there! Just finished the first part of Bad Memories on Steam. Great game btw. Im curious, though, what version of the game is on steam as its not listed anywhere? I would imagine it would be kept up to date with everything else but thought I better ask. Keep up the good work!

I have a question, i played this game on a website and i choose to play as Jill, but during the naughty parts i have a dick and i havent seen it mentioned that this is a futanari game anywhere. Is it supposed to be like that or is this version of the game broken? I have no problem paying for the game but not if its futanari content. :D

I'll expand - No, because it would not fit the story and the narrative in this game, it's tailored along the set relationships and some plot points would make no sense if the relation of characters was altered.

It was free until the dev put it on Steam, at which point he had to change the price here because Steam has issues with a game being provided on a separate platform at a different price. See the "Update News and future pricing" devlog above.

If you're still looking into help for the Android port due to size there are games with bigger sizes who have been able to get it to work. Might look into contacting their porter and see if they're willing to help out.

Pale Carnations has a app size of 2.67 gb and things are running fine. I think you can ask whoever does their apps how they were able to make things fit. There was another game that had a 2gb size as well but I forget the name.

And one more little question. If my translation appears in the game, will I be able to receive some kind of financial gratitude for my work? 50-80$. I did it not out of mercenary motives, but being one of the victims of the war on the territory of Ukraine, I want to earn money for the opportunity to continue my studies at the university.

Sorry, my bad. Didn't think of that. It's just that people who bought the game but only have Android "lost" (bought it but have nothing from it) money until you release the Version for Android IF you find a solution.

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I can NOT stand Jada. please remove her from this game. cant stand her attitude, her look, the way she walks, the way she acts, anything about her. i wish i could say no you cant move in and thats the end of her story.

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The storytelling in Bad Memories really is quite excellent. Our Main Character is on a journey of discovery. They had a very rough childhood and early part of their life after their mother died, but they are trying to put that all behind them. Of course, things are never that simple and many memories and truths come back to interfere in their life. This is a fantastic slice of life kind of story and one that I got very invested in.

A huge reason as to why the story in Bad Memories is so great is that it lets you pick between a male or female main character. I went the female route and I can tell you that this is one of the best lesbian themed stories that I have played in a lewd game. there are parts of the story that come to a dead end as they are not finished yet, but I am enjoying it so much, that I will probably do a second playthrough as the male MC.

I was very impressed with the way that Bad Memories looked. This has some very high-quality character renders and I got a real kick out of how each lady was so different. Not just in the way that she looked, dressed, and acted, but in what she was willing to and not do in the lewd scenes as well. There is some amazing XXX content here and the animation is a step up from what we usually get in a game like this. I also have to say that I think I am in love with the milf in this game, Rachel!

If you have played any kind of lewd visual novel game before, Bad Memories is not going to cause you any trouble. Most of what you will be doing when playing this game will be reading the story and then acting out what you feel is the right decision. I like how the ladies all have their own personalities as this forces you to really pay attention and figure out what each one needs to hear from you.

While Bad Memories is not yet finished, I still think that this is a very well made and engaging game. It is a game that I could easily see myself playing through multiple times. It has a fantastic story that keeps you hooked thanks to the interesting characters and twists and turns. Plus, those that play these types of games just for the lewd content are going to be blown away by how good it is!

The game starts from the point where you have to get into a taxi near the airport. Here the adventure begins. As you do this or that and make choices in different situations, you have to watch the story unfold in different directions. The project has tremendous replayability due to the forks and twists of the plot. Contains a large amount of sexual content.

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