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Smash Cars PSN

Since its release in 1999, Re-Volt steadily shows its strength with fast & addictive gameplay. Including numerous tracks, unique cars, special weapons and even a track editor, the official release package features everything an RC Car racing fan could wish for.

Smash Cars PSN

Micro Machines 2: Turbo tournament is the sequel to Micro Machines. It features a top down perspective in which you race tiny cars around familiar locations such as the breakfast table or the garden.

Disclaimer: This page and the one that follows it is nothing more than my personal opinion based on game play. Your experiences and attitudes may be different. The songs used are not in the games, as I prefer to smash cars to my own beat anyway.

When you choose a car, you will be racing against cars just like the one you choose. They all appear to be all-wheel drive and do awesome roll back burnouts. The paint shop is straight forward with a two color paint scheme, and cars can have logos from a premade list.

After that it gets kind of bad. Remember what I said about the banana peels? In the Semi-Pro League you have a choice between the Renegade and the Mantis. Both cars are faster, squirrellier and less able to take a hit. The Renegade is almost bearable to control. The Mantis is not. And your first race with be Meltdown. This track is hard. Two things I can tell you, get Death From Above at the beginning. Restart until you time it right. You will need the points. And when the road splits, go to the left, always.

This came out right on the heals of Demolition Racer (DR), and was the second smash game that come across my PS2. I had a lot of fun with this one. It is the third installment in the series, and the only one really worth mentioning. I am not saying that 1 & 2 where not good for their time, just not worth mentioning now. The fourth game, Arenas, was crap. We may explore this crap later as a slap fest, but enough on that for now.

To win a race, like DR, you have to place high in the pack and rack up smash points. Hitting them is not enough. You need hit multipliers by making the cars flip and spin. Aim for rear quarter panels and front fenders to get them to do tricks. There is a list of the points in the manual and they have some really cute names.

In the Smash for Cash mode, you can own up to seven cars and upgrade them for better traction, speed, braking and armor. The car never gets completely destroyed, but you have to pay to fix it. I will tell you repair costs so you know if you are breaking even at least. The game ends if you do not have a car ready to go. These are the cars I have in my garage.

In that case, it might be time for us to start pestering one of Nintendo's rivals. Not PlayStation, although a modern-day PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale could be very cool, but Xbox. Nintendo has had the foundation for games on which its characters from various IPs could meet and compete for decades. Xbox, on the other hand, hasn't had that luxury. Master Chief battling against one of the cars from Forza does sound funny on paper, but it's not exactly enough to base an entire game around.

Smash Cars is a racing game in which the player controls remote control cars. Set on a tropical island, the player has twelve courses (although some of them cover similar ground) available to race on with the twelve cars. These are categorized into three types: monster (slow and easy to handle), sport (fast and hard to handle) and the buggy which falls between. 041b061a72


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