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Gold Miner Vegas Full Version Free Download REPACK |VERIFIED|

I don't know what version I had on my 6-year-old laptop, but I never beat that game. I beat this version the first time playing, though I had played for several years before buying here. Mindless and relaxing with no mad clicking. The miner's claw swings back and forth and you will click once when the claw is pointed at the treasure you want to reel up. There is about 10 seconds wait time while the miner reels up bigger gold nuggets from the bottom of the screen, which are obviously worth more money, and smaller objects are reeled up quickly. Each level is timed (60 seconds# and you must reel up a certain amount of gold or gems in that time to get to the next level. The levels are random so you cannot predict how much gold will be on any level or exactly which power-up #dynamite, more time, faster reeling, etc.) to buy between each level. Grab bags on some levels could change your standard claw to a super claw or spike claw, and there are various obstacles on most levels which are either just in the way or could make you lose some time. This game will not appeal to anyone who likes a whole lot of action, but appeals to some children and will definitely improve their hand-eye coordination. There is normal, hard and expert modes. This is one of my go-to games when I need to relax both physically and mentally after a particularly trying day.

Gold Miner Vegas Full Version Free Download REPACK

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