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The Benefits of Using Foobar2000.v1.3.8.FINAL...Portable.DarkOne.v4.0.wasapi.component for Your Music Collection

After installing and playing the package it is installing (in non asio mode) to default audio device. I dont have pulse installed. The packages are not installable/uninstallable (only remove) for me in foobar2000. But there is possibility that I need to reisntall foobar2000 again with non asio audio system!


The foobar2000 0.4.13 preview1 ( ) packages are available as both as direct download and as an \"installable\" package. This is a beta release, so expect the occasional bug and/or bad installer.

Configuration options can cause foobar2000 to crash when the tuning settings are the same as the file. Reinstalling can fix the issue, but this is a last resort as it can cause other problems.

Foobar2000 does its best to ensure that the metadata in ID3 tags is correct, even if the tags are written using a 3rd party tool. If the musicbrainz encoder is unable to parse a given tag, this doesn't necessarily mean that the metadata contains a problem.

Another note about sound cards: if you get sound but you don't see the capture device listed in the bar, it may be because the default input device is not for your card. For example, the default input device for a Logitech Revue may be PCM as default. Therefore, to enable sound capture you need to configure the default input device to be for the appropriate device, in foobar2000's new default config.exe. To determine the input device number, run ``foobar-config --input-device``.

plugins... 1. select extract.exe (from the accompanying wdm plugin zip file) as the extracting program. 2. select the foobar2000 folder to be extracted. 3. select the files and folders that you wish to extract. 4. select afp.exe (from the accompanying wdm plugin zip file) as the extracting program. 5. select the foobar2000 folder to be extracted. 6. select the folder that you wish to extract into. 7. optionally you can specify a folder to keep a subfolder called extracted to for archive purposes. 8. click load.bat for Windows (from the accompanying wdm plugin zip file) to extract the other plugins. 9. once done. Select close.

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