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[S1E21] Travels With Scout

After the war, MacLeod traveled to Mexico where he fought in the Mexican revolution along with Paul Karros. After that, Mac joined the Texas Rangers as a scout, and became involved in the man hunt for murderer and rapist, Melvin Koren. They chased him into Texas where Duncan challenged Koren but was disarmed. Before he lost his head, however, he was saved when one of the rangers shot Koren dead. Duncan later discovered Koren's grave empty, and was unable to finish the man off. Duncan later traveled to McKewansville in the Dakota Territory where he save an Indian boy named Chaske from a slaver named Jack Spice, he took the boy to the town to receive medical treatment. The slaver arrived, wanting the boy back but he was killed by Chaske who then tried to escape but he was killed by John Lockport, one of the townspeople.

[S1E21] Travels With Scout

In the Reconstruction period of the United States, he was a US Army scout, designated to scouting areas of the American west for development and settling. This often included destroying native American villages, and ethnically cleansing native Americans from the land. He did so to the pain and sworn vengeance of Duncan, whose wife and step-son were murdered by Kern and his party. Duncan at the time had grown disillusioned with the white world, and its emphasis on growth and bigotry, and wanted to live a more serene and wholesome life. As Kern shattered this life he had planned for himself, Duncan had forever sworn he would kill Kern in retaliation. Kern in kind shared no love for Duncan, as in their first meeting felt Duncan had betrayed his white heritage by marrying a native American woman (Little Dear). He thus referred to him, even in the mid-1990s, as "squa-man", a term used to describe a white American in the 19th century who settled with and married native American women. 041b061a72

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