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Philip Bespalov
Philip Bespalov

The X-Files 3x11

Brick Porcelain Tile Nocciola 3x11 recreates the timeless look of a brick tile in modern colors without maintenance. Its irregular surface and non-rectified edge allow it to be installed on both floor and wall applications. Whether you want to cover a small kitchen backsplash, a commercial space such as a restaurant or bar, a bathroom, or a shower, these brick tiles make an excellent and versatile choice.

The X-Files 3x11

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3x11 picture frame for your home decor to displaying personal photograph or favorite poster print to give a clear view of your picture and preserves the life of your photo. This 3x11 picture frame will create a beautiful custom gallery wall with your photography, poster, favorite pet photos, family portraits, charcoal drawings or art prints. This Picture frame size is to fit perfectly your photograph inside this frame. Total OUTSIDE frame size is 2 inch bigger than advertised size. All Measurements & reflected on our site are in inches 041b061a72


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