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To provide a positive Christian environment for spiritual encouragement and Christian fellowship through athletics to homeschooling families in Riley County and surrounding communities as we:

  • Consider sports a gift from God that we may enjoy.

  • Maintain the health of our bodies which are the temples of God.

  • Learn the fundamentals and continually grow in our understanding and skill of the game.

  • Are competitive in a healthy manner, setting goals, dedicating and disciplining ourselves to achieve those goals, to reap the benefits of our labor.

  • Learn from our mistakes and accept correction when needed.

  • See the skills and lessons we learn in sports as applicable to many areas of our Christian lives now and in the future.

Families must be members of the larger CHIEF homeschool organization to compete with CHIEF Thunder athletic teams.

Teams competing as Manhattan Eagles may also include athletes from Flint Hills Christian School.

Contact the leader of each individual sport for more specific information.
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